Plastic surgery hell left mum with unwanted ‘Kardashian bum’ and ‘wonky boobs’

A woman is to go under the knife to reduce her unwanted "Kardashian bum" that came after "botched plastic surgery".

Lyubov Laufer, 45, from Russia, says her life has been ruined by the traumatic experience which also left her with "wonky boobs".

Medic Rustam Kurmanbaev who operated on her had agreed with the Russian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeons to pay for her corrective surgery, she said.

The society had also offered her to choose one of a dozen surgeons to undertake the fresh work, which would now go ahead.

The doctor told her that he hopes to correct her bottom and breasts but may not be able to fix damage to her abdomen.

Ms Laufer said she had undertaken plastic surgery for breast shaping but came out with a "Kardashian bum" she did not want, popularised by reality TV star Kim Kardashian.

She said: "I have lost everything – my job and my family as I cannot sleep in the same room as my husband."

Now she has announced that she is having the new surgery – but claimed some damage is irreparable.

Ms Laufer added: "The doctor immediately told me that they could not do anything with my abdominal wall, but they would work with the other issues.

"He tried to imitate a 'sporty belly' and he removed the adipose tissue so deeply that it looks like it's separated in the middle."

Ms Laufer went for successful treatment with prominent plastic surgeon Tatyana Romanovskaya to remove breast implants after seven years due to inflammation.

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The surgeon persuaded her to subsequently undergo lipofilling, grafting her own fat to improve her breast shape.

Minutes before going under the knife she was told the medic's colleague Dr Kurmanbaev would perform the surgery.

The procedure lasted five hours and she woke in "excruciating pain" and requiring oxygen as she suffered "convulsions".

Ms Laufer said: "I felt horror when I saw my breasts and huge fear in my soul about how I would live with it. Everything froze in me.

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"And forgive me Kim Kardashian, but I woke up with my buttocks a terrifying size that I had not asked for.

"Even in my worst dream, I could not dream of a Kardashian-like bum on my slender body.

"My husband is afraid to hug me. It looks as if my abdomen was torn in two, my breasts became wonky, different shapes, and distorted.

"It’s a nightmare. But the worst thing was the size of the buttocks."

When she revealed her story on social media, Dr Kurmanbaev sued her in a Russian court, but the medic ended up losing.

The doctor had appeared at a session of the society and "said that everything would be corrected, he would compensate," according to Ms Laufer.

TV show Zvezdy Soshlis earlier spoke to the medic who said the patient had "signed an agreement" relating to the surgery, claiming he was not to blame.

But Laufer responded: "We're preparing a lawsuit against this doctor to protect other women."

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