‘Poor William’ Duke will be ‘hurt’ with how Diana portrayed in film

Princess Diana: Lorraine Kelly discusses 'Spencer' film

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Royal biographer Penny Junor believes the film’s depiction of Diana as “unnecessarily gratuitous”.She said: “Poor William is all I can say. Let’s leave Diana with a shred of respect and dignity.

“I know William was there when she was unhappy but it sounds to be the movie is factually incorrect.”

The new film, Spencer, premieres in cinemas on November 5.

A number of royal commentators and experts have agreed that Diana’s relatives are unlikely to be satisfied with the dramatic re-enactment of her life.

Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine, also believes William and Harry may react badly to how their mother is depicted.

Ms Seward denounced Spencer’s rendering of Diana as “really cruel” in an interview with the US Sun earlier this month.

She said: “It is really cruel to portray her like this. It is totally unnecessary.

“William and Harry will be very angry and hurt about this.

“They will find it horrible that their mother is being portrayed in such a huge movie this way.”

Its plotline is grounded in a brief period in 1991, when Princess Diana spent the Christmas holidays in Sandringham.

Twilight actor Kristen Stewart portrays the late Princess of Wales at a crucial moment in the Princess’s life – when she decides to split with her husband, Prince Charles.

Although the new biopic is set in 1991, the announcement of Prince Charles and Diana’s separation did not come until the following year.

The royal couple remained married until 1996, which is five years after the events of the new film.

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Speaking to Variety, Kristen Stewart said that in making the film, “we’re not trying to educate anyone, we’re not trying to solve anything.”

She added: “We’re also not trying to like figure out whether or not we should have a monarchy.

“It’s what did it feel like to be her? Think about what those nights were like, think about what those meals were like. It’s the moments in between.”

She stressed that the focus of the film is placed more on the internal, emotional side of the famous story of Diana and Charles.

Ms Stewart, aware of Prince William’s and Harry’s probable interest in the film, said: “We loved this person. We were curious about this person.

“We leaned all the way in. We played make-believe and hypotheticals to the extent that we do as filmmakers.”

She added: “I would like to think — obviously because we made this movie — that she would appreciate the fact that we were still talking about her in the most beautiful way.”

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