Pregnant monkey who lost baby in beating falls in love with electrocuted partner

A pregnant monkey who lost her baby after a brutal beating has fallen in love with another monkey who was electrocuted.

Against all odds, the pair of howler monkeys have survived near death experiences to fall in love with one another.

Disfigured Ronny and Mama have warmed rescuers hearts after overcoming their brutal hardships to form an inseparable bond.

Ronny was found electrocuted and in a state far worse than the team at International Animal Rescue (IAR) had ever seen while pregnant Mama lost her child at the hands of another monkey.

Once introduced to each other at the charity's sanctuary in Costa Rica, staff say they found a loving companion for the rest of their lives.

A spokesman for IAR said: "Ronny and Mama are long term residents of our sanctuary in Costa Rica. Their story is not just one of survival, but also love."

Heart-breaking photos show just how bad a state both Ronny and Mama were in when rescued with their reddened faces in particular unrecognisable from their current healthy condition.

IAR explained Ronny's recovery would not have been possible had he not demonstrated such determination to bounce back.

"Ronny arrived at the sanctuary after being electrocuted by uninsulated power cables.

"The injuries he sustained were unlike anything our team had ever seen," the organisation said.

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"We weren’t sure on what the outcome would be, but this brave little monkey wasn’t willing to give up without a fight, and neither were our amazing team."

"Thanks to public support, our expert team of vets and keepers had the resources available to develop a specialist treatment plan, and he miraculously pulled through!"

As with Ronny, Mama's rehabilitation was little less than remarkable but as she was pregnant at the time of the attack, her unborn baby was not so lucky.

Mama as a result had to struggle through her own physical pain while mourning the loss of her child.

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IAR continued: "Mama arrived at the sanctuary after being attacked by an alpha howler male. Her face was severely disfigured, and she was also found to be pregnant.

"Despite Mama making a recovery, her baby did not survive for more than a few days. She was heartbroken and so were we."

The International Animal Rescue team in Costa Rica thought it made sense to see if the couple of injured and battle-scarred monkeys would get along within the safety of a sanctuary.

Those involved could not have imagined the move to turn out to be such a success as Ronny and Mama have hardly left each other's sides since.

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IAR added: "After both monkeys experiencing such hardship and tragedy, it was time to turn the page and start a positive chapter in their lives.

"We decided to introduce the monkeys to each other, just to see how they would get on.

"We were pleased to see them quickly form a close and loving bond.

"Together, they roamed around the wide range of enrichment activities together, never leaving each other’s side.

"Although their injuries mean they can never be released, we hope their companionship will stand the test of time and provide them with comfort and love for the rest of their lives!

"Thank you to everyone that supports our howler monkey project. Stories like this would not be possible without your amazing generosity."

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