Prince Harry hits back! Duke delaying memoir to ‘speak his truth’ against Bower claims

Prince Harry may delay book to 'rebut' Bower's book says expert

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Roya Nikkhah, royal correspondent for The Times, questioned why there has not been “any sign” of the Duke of Sussex’s long-awaited memoir despite the fact it is expected at the end of this year. She said it was possible that Prince Harry might be hesitant to write what he wants to “during the Queen’s lifetime”, before considering that the monarch’s grandson could also be waiting to read Mr Bower’s latest book before putting anything about himself down in writing. 

Ms Nikkhah said: “When Prince Harry’s book finally appears is an interesting question. 

“We’re expecting it in late 2022 and yet we don’t seem to be seeing any sign of it.” 

Royal Beat host Kate Thornton said: “Well, it’s certainly not on any publishers’ ‘to be released’ list that we know of yet.” 

Ms Nikkhah said: “No, and it may be that an amazing surprise drops in the autumn. I personally question whether or not the things Harry wants to say he will want to say during the Queen’s lifetime. I’m not sure. 

“But the longer he delays it, the longer he does not publish it for, the more he gets an opportunity to soak up the other things that are being written about him, like the Tom Bower book, and put his own version of events down, his own truth. 

“And we know that Harry likes to speak his own truth these days. 

“So, if it is not already at the printers under top secrecy, he may well go and read the Bower book and then be able to go back and rebut certain stuff.” 

Tom Bower’s biography, entitled Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors, was released last week to immediate acclaim and attention.

 Mr Bower makes an assortment of sourced claims in the book, including that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle deliberately turned up late to a Platinum Jubilee event to make a grand entrance. 

The author told GB News that the Sussex’s turned up 15 minutes later than expected to St Paul’s Cathedral on the second day of the four-day Jubilee celebrations before Prince Harry got in a mini-row with the usher after being told to sit in the middle of the aisle. 

The thanksgiving service was the only event the Sussex’s attended in an official capacity over the extended weekend, having decided to skip the reception drinks following St Paul’s. 

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But sources have claimed the final manuscript of Prince Harry’s memoir has already been submitted and signed off by lawyers. 

A publishing source told The Sun: “The manuscript has been finished and gone through all of the legal processes. It’s gone and out of Harry’s hands.

“The publishing date has been pushed back once but it is on track for the end of the year.” 

It is believed ghostwriter JR Moehringer finished the manuscript a number of weeks ago.

Prince Harry previously said he was writing the book “not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become”.  


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