Queen forced to put foot down to end very public row that was ‘damaging to Royal Family’

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The Queen had to put her foot down and ordered Prince Charles and Princess Diana to divorce after the pair became embroiled in a public war of words against each other. The Prince and Princess of Wales separated in 1992 but they began a tit-for-tat skirmish that left the Royal Family embarrassed and concerned about the image of the monarchy. Speaking to Channel 5 documentary ‘The Queen and Prince Charles: Mother and Son’, author Angela Levin said Her Majesty was forced to personally intervene to put an end to the bitter battle between Charles and Diana. 

Ms Levin said: “This was the monarch taking over, not so much the mother or the mother-in-law, saying, ‘I insist on a divorce. I see this as ridiculous, it’s not going too work with being separated.’

“They had to divorce.”

Royal author Penny Junor said Charles and Diana had been breaking a tenet of royal life with their division and a solution had to be found.

Ms Junor said: “The monarchy was going through a really, really rocky time because monarchy is supposed to be all about unifying the country.

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“What Charles and Diana were doing by being at war with one another was splitting the country.”

Commentator Richard Kay suggested the war of the Wales’ could have proved to be very “damaging” for the Royal Family as Charles and Diana exposed sensitive information about their relationship and the state of their marriage.

Mr Kay said: “It was sort of dominating royal coverage, it was overshadowing all the good works of the Royal Family.

“And they thought it was sort of corroding public attitudes toward the House of Windsor. It was very damaging times for the Queen.”

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The Prince and Princess of Wales ultimately announced their plans to divorce in 1995 and the break up became official the following year.

Diana continued to attend Royal Family events as the settlement was being discussed and she agreed to continue co-parenting her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, with Prince Charles.

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond claimed the Princess had hoped to be able to continue working “in partnership” with her husband without the need for a divorce.

Ms Bond said: “Diana was pretty unsettled with the divorce, she didn’t want the divorce, she told me, ‘It’s not something I want.


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“I think she felt somehow they could continue as separated but partners and parents to the two boys, and she really did try to make it work and she wanted to make it work.

“She found the day of the divorce extremely hard.

“She did go out, she was seen in public, but she was hurting badly.

“She told me that it was an extremely difficult day, but she went home and burst into tears.”

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