Queen health update: Prince Charles gives very telling details about monarch

Queen: 'We should not be too worried' about health says expert

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The Queen, who has strained her back and has also been resting for nearly a month after preliminary tests in hospital, has been “reminding” the public of her advanced age. Prince Charles has said his mother is “alright” but “once you get to 95 it’s not quite as easy as it used to be”. Royal reporter Victoria Murphy explained these speeches give a “very strong sense of direction” for the royals.

Speaking to Palace Confidentials on Mail+, Ms Murphy said: “I think it’s interesting that we’ve seen her in these speeches recently reminding us about no one being immune to the aging process.

“These little lines that are dropped in that are very easy to read into.

“Then Charles being asked recently as well about it and basically his words were to the effect of, she’s 95 and it’s just not possible.

“I feel that gives us a very strong sense of the direction now that there is this wide acknowledgment that she cannot as visible or as busy.”

She added: “[Palace aides] are balancing this issue of her being very elderly and entitled to medical privacy being head of state and when the public does need to know.

“I think it’s probably fair to say that they’re not going to release all the information.

“There are probably lots of details that we’re not aware of but when it comes to stuff that they do put out, I don’t believe there is any question in the accuracy of that.

“It’s more what else going on that we’re not fully getting.”

Queen 'wants to be out there' says Katie Nicholl

It comes as the Queen carried out another audience virtually from Windsor Castle.

Seated in her Oak Room sitting room at Windsor, the 95-year-old head of state could be seen on the computer screen on Thursday wearing a turquoise dress, with black collar detail, her pearl necklace and a brooch.

The ambassador, who was at Buckingham Palace with his wife Vu Huong Giang, presented his credentials, and the letters of recall of his predecessor.

On Wednesday, the monarch was seen for the first time since she cancelled her Remembrance Sunday appearance, when she held a face to face audience with the outgoing head of the armed forces General Sir Nick Carter.


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The nation’s longest reigning monarch told the military chief it was “easier to continue” once you get into the top military job.

She was pictured standing and was without a walking stick after spraining her back, which forced her to cancel her appearance at the Cenotaph for the national ceremony in honour of fallen servicemen and women.

The head of state has been carrying out light duties only after being admitted to hospital on October 20 for what was her first overnight stay in a medical facility in eight years.

Concern for the Queen’s health has increased as she has continued to cancel engagements.

She missed a two-day trip to Northern Ireland, and was not able to attend the Cop26 climate change summit, the Festival of Remembrance, Remembrance Sunday and the Church of England’s General Synod.

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