Queen ‘will resume her duties’ – royal expert lashes out at claims her reign is OVER

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Queen Elizabeth II has spent months at Windsor Castle isolated by the Government’s coronavirus guidelines which shelter the most vulnerable in the UK. As a result, she has conducted her royal duties from the confines of the property alongside Prince Philip, who is retired but isolating with her. The Government’s shielding policy will soon come to an end, leaving many to question whether they will see the Queen debut in public again.

Shielding rules have compelled anyone over the age of 70 and deemed particularly vulnerable of COVID-19 to stay inside.

They came into effect in March, when the Queen and Prince Philip migrated to Windsor, and have remained in place since then.

Officials will soon remove them, however, as the Prime Minister announced an easement of shielding at the beginning of July and full end by August.

The rules should mean the Queen is able to return to public life, and royal experts believe she will.


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Speaking to Express.co.uk, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said the Queen is bound to resume public appearances.

He said: “I feel sure that, as soon as government guidelines and advice permits, the Queen, who has long laid emphasis on the importance of being seen, will resume physical duties.

“Everyone is aware of how pivotal to morale her two addresses to the nation during the pandemic have been and also of the huge audiences they had when they were delivered.

“Almost everyone in the country would have been in receipt of the themes of her messages in one way or another.”

The Queen’s brief hibernation from the public has left some pundits to claim her influence has waned, but Mt Fitzwilliams argues she remains highly valued.

Her fleeting appearances are celebrated, and she remains in good health as they reveal.

He continued: “Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton prematurely declared recently that her reign was “effectively over” because of the pandemic.

“However, she knows what a valued symbol of continuity she is and is also a role model for those of advanced age, many of whom have gone through tough times recently.”

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“Photographs of her out riding were released in early June and she is obviously in excellent health.

“I would certainly expect that, when circumstances permit, she will resume her duties.

“I am sure this will be done with the caution that is considered appropriate in the circumstances.”

The end of shielding will also apply to the rest of the British public, 2.2 million of whom have had to remain confined to their homes.

From July 6 they can enjoy the same freedoms afforded to the rest of the populace, meeting in groups of up to five others outdoors.

They can also form support bubbles with other households, but only if they are a single adult.

Extremely vulnerable people will no longer need to shield from August 1, meaning they can return to a COVID-19 secure workplace.

However, they will no longer be in receipt of valuable care packages and sick pay provided by the Government.

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