Royal Family LIVE: ‘Serious alarm’ Harry and Meghan ‘should panic’ over photo of Charles

Harry and Meghan's behaviour 'damaging to crown' says Nicholl

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Royal commentator Daniela Elser said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have had a “fairly easy go of things” with the Queen at the helm of the monarchy following Megxit despite their bombshell interviews.

Writing for, Ms Elser said: “So, what happens, both in a personal and a royal sense, when she passes away and Charles takes the reins? (Or should that be reigns? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

“There is every chance that Harry and Meghan might face a much less sympathetic time of it.”

Ms Elser said a photo of the Prince of Wales at the State Opening of Parliament shows the Queen’s reign is “every day drawing just a bit closer to closing” and “should panic” and be a “cause for serious alarm” for Harry and Meghan.

She said: “This hands-off approach on the part of the Palace could very possibly go out the window under King Charles III.

“He has waited a literal lifetime for the top job and his willingness to sit back and take whatever Molotov media cocktails the Sussexes might lob at the Palace in the future could be very, very limited.”


Do you support Queen as ‘Zoom monarch’?

The Queen made a vow 75 years ago on her 21st birthday to serve for her whole life, which means abdication or a regency is unlikely.

Instead, the 96-year-old is harnessing modern technology to continue her duties and has been dubbed a “Zoom monarch”.

As a result of weakened health in recent months, Her Majesty’s current work dynamic has changed to prioritise virtual events with senior royals including Prince Charles, Prince William and Princess Anne stepping up at other engagements.

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William visits Deborah James’s home to present her with Damehood

Prince William has presented podcast host Deborah James with a damehood at her family home.

The 40-year-old, known online as Bowel Babe, was honoured for her “tireless campaigning” to raise awareness of bowel cancer.

Dame Deborah posted pictures with the Duke of Cambridge and her family on Instagram and said it was “such a special day”.

Dame Deborah has raised more than £5 million for Cancer Research UK through her Bowelbabe fund on Just Giving.

The presenter of popular BBC podcast You, Me And The Big C disclosed on Monday that she had moved to hospice-at-home care to treat her terminal bowel cancer.

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