Royal Special – King Charles III: Our New Monarch

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The last few weeks have seen a seismic shift for our royal family. Following Queen Elizabeth II’s passing on September 8, her son Charles has finally assumed the title that was his birth right – King Charles III.

In this commemorative issue to mark our new monarch’s ascension to the throne, OK! magazine takes an in-depth look at The King’s life, from his lonely childhood to his happy marriage to Queen Consort, Camilla.

Using the insight of royal experts, the magazine reveals how he has coped with the loss of his beloved “Mama”, and reflects on the special bond they shared.

We also reveal his private passions, vision for his reign and examine his ever-changing relationship with sons William and Harry.

Order your copy now to avoid disappointment. Pick up at your local newsagent for just £5.99 or you can purchase the special edition magazine online now here!

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