Russia is UKs number one threat with Putin using submarines to snoop on us

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has singled out Russia as the biggest threat to the nation – and warns it is routinely sending submarines to spy on the British isles.

Vladimir Putin is acting like a “nosy” neighbour, according to the UK’s 51-year-old politician – only instead of twitching at the curtains, the totalitarian President is snooping on us using armoured war machines.

Russia’s forces are monitoring the UK from both above and below sea level with ships and subs sharking around British waters, he added.

He said a Russian Kilo-class submarine was even spotted breaching above the waves in the English channel in recent months.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Mr Wallace warned: “We’re regularly visited by nosy Russian ships, and we are regularly visited now by a number of Russian warships.

“We have tried de-escalation, we have tried methods but at the moment until Russia changes its attitude, it’s quite hard to see where we’re going to go."

Mr Wallace’s warning comes months after British forces intercepted a Russian sub in the English channel in November last year.

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The Sun reported at the time that the interception was part of Defence Task One – operated by the British Navy.

While the HMS Tyne monitored Russian vessels caught patrolling off the coast of Scotland in the Moray Firth near RAF Lossiemouth.

The Navy branded Russia’s heavily satellite dish covered ship, Viktor Leonov, “an intelligence gathering vessel.”

While in March this year, RAF jets were scrambled to intercept a Russian bomber which neared UK airspace.

Such airspace incursions have been described by the military in the past as a blatant example of Russia attempting to “test” UK defence responses.

It is not just the UK that Russia has attempted to intimidate in recent months – as a huge military build up near Ukraine in recent months has spooked the global community.

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There has been speculation Russia may attempt to annex more land on the Eastern European country – after taking over Crimea in 2014 without any real opposition from the West.

Russia’s build up in Eastern Europe comes amid concerns China might attempt to annex Taiwan following a build up in Chinese forces near the island.

There are fears that the international community would not be able to confront both threatening nations if they both opted to launch take-over attempts at the same time.

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