Sadiq Khan slammed for ‘money-making scheme’ by furious Londoner after major U-turn

Congestion charge: Caller criticises 'money-making scheme'

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Transport for London (TfL) has announced plans to make a 30 percent hike in the fee for driving into central London permanently. TfL had claimed the increase in the daily Congestion Charge from £11.50 to £15 was a temporary measure when it was introduced in June 2020. Nick, from Peckham, has erupted at the plans and claimed Sadiq Khan’s proposal is a “money-making scheme”.

Speaking to LBC, Nick said: “It’s definitely a money-making scheme. My company is 160 yeards into the Congestion Charge zone, there’s an underground car park.

“I used to drive into work, park in the car park, won’t use my car all day, and then leave at the end of the day.

“So for 160 yards I was paying £12 per day for that.

“I tried to get discounted, I even spoke to Boris Johnson when he was mayor to explain that and I was given some spin.

“Now it’s gone up to £15 and yet for someone like myself who is not using the car all day at all has to pay £15 when others use their car all day long.

“Now that people are working from home, congestion is a little bit lower than it actually normally is.

“Let’s face it, who drives into London for the fun of it?”

LBC host Nick Ferrari added: “No one on earth says, ‘let’s drive into central London for a spin’. No one.”

Sadiq Khan discusses congestion charge plans

On Wednesday, TfL announced proposals to keep the price at that level, but scale back an increase in the period when the scheme operates.

The multi-billion pound funding package provided by the Government led to the Congestion Charge being extended from 7am-6pm on weekdays to 7am-10pm every day.

TfL is consulting on stopping the charge at 6pm every day, and delaying its start until noon on weekends and bank holidays.

London mayor Sadiq Khan, who chairs TfL, said: “The Government insisted on the widening of the level and scope of the Congestion Charge last year as a condition of TfL’s emergency funding agreement – which was only needed because of the pandemic.


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“As we look to the future it’s vital the charge strikes the right balance between supporting London’s economic recovery and helping ensure it is a green and sustainable one.

“These proposals support the capital’s culture, hospitality and night-time businesses which have struggled so much, as well as encouraging people to walk, cycle and use public transport.

“We must not replace one public health crisis with another due to filthy polluted air, and our measures to create more space for walking and cycling have already had a huge impact.”

In June 2020, TfL said its changes to the Congestion Charge would be kept “under review to ensure they remain effective”.

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