Sailor who survived shark-infested waters and lost houseboat makes it home

A bloke who was forced to swim 10 miles through shark-infested waters after falling overboard of the boat that housed his life's possessions has finally made it home.

Australian John Deer spent a fortnight raising money through a GoFundMe to get him back home after his boat sailed off without him.

The disastrous accident left Deer floating in shark-infested waters, with the bloke miraculously surviving the ordeal after swimming non-stop back to shore.

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Despite surviving the terrifying ordeal, Deer was left without any of his worldly possessions after his boat sailed away and sunk during a freak accident.

Thankfully Deer has now made it home safely with an emergency passport and a handful of connecting flights that took him to Melbourne, Australia.

After losing his possessions on board the yacht named Julia, Deer picked himself up, set about raising money for a ticket home.

But the terrifying swim through shark infested waters prompted some smart survival skills from a heartbroken Deer, who says he used a handy trick with his arm to figure out how far he had left to swim.

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Deer said: "I held my arm out and the land fully covered my hand at first. I checked again at what I thought was about an hour later and I could see a bit of the mountain on either side of my hand.

"Then next time I checked I saw about 30 per cent of land either side of my hand and I started to think, 'I can do this, I can do this'."

Deer had also used a log to keep himself afloat and managed to flag down a ship that agreed to take him back to shore.

He successfully reached shore and has since managed to nab a series of flights that have taken him from Panama to Amsterdam, Amsterdam to Dubai and finally Dubai to Australia, Daily Mail reported.

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