School forced to apologise after public skirt shaming left six girls humiliated

Six school girls who were forced to parade around in their 'too short or tight' skirts during a 200-strong assembly have been told their dressing down was a 'mistake'.

The 'embarrassing' incident happened in front of their entire year group at Cannock Chase High School, Staffordshire last Thursday and left the girls visibly shaking amid insults of jeers 'slag' coming from their peers.

Molly Stockle, 14, told how she was made to stand up in the assembly, despite wearing a cotton straight black skirt from the preferred school uniform suppliers.

She said the head of year, Miss Jinks, asked form tutors to go round and pick out girls with short or tight skirts and Molly's male tutor picked her, and one other girl.

She explained: "My head of year, stared each one of us down and said our skirts were too short and figure hugging. I felt so humiliated.

"When I walked back to my seat and when I went home that day other people were laughing and saying 'slag'.

School regulations states skirts should be just above knee level, with no splits, and Lycra figure hugging skirts are not acceptable.

But due to the uproar, hundreds of girls at the school wore skirts the following day as a sign of solidarity – and 17 held a two and a half hour protest on the tennis courts during lessons.

Molly said one class was later told shorter skirts were "distracting" to male teachers and students.

She added: "It was really shocking. If it's distracting to them then I think they shouldn't be working in a school."

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Later that day, the head of year, Miss Jinx apologised to all the six girls who were called up in assembly in turn, Molly said.

Mum Joanna, 37, said: "No child should have to endure the level of emotional abuse that was inflicted on those six girls."

"However, I am reassured that this is an isolated incident, and by the head master's assurance that no child will suffer humiliation at the hands of his staff again."

The school has been approached for comment.

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