School locks toilets with 'prison-like' gates during lesson times

A school has been criticised for installing metal gates across toilets as part of a policy to restrict their use during lesson times.

Pupils at Castle View School, a comprehensive secondary school in Canvey, Essex, now have to request a pass from their teacher to use the facilities while classes are on.

Bosses claim the loos are open at all other times but one parent said pupils are forced to endure long queues as teachers were failing to unlock them all at break times.

The mum, who asked not to be named, said: ‘It is disgusting. It is like they are in a prison.

‘My child felt sick at lunchtime and was left to just stand and queue. [The child] nearly had to be sick in the hallway, which is so embarrassing.

‘They don’t always open all of them at lunch or break either because a teacher has to open them.

‘So there are always long queues, and some days my child doesn’t even eat because there isn’t time to queue for food and the toilet.

‘We haven’t had any letters or emails about it, it is just so wrong.’

The mum, who has multiple children at the school, said one of her kids now ‘has anxiety around going to the toilet’.

A 14-year-old student at the school, who wished to remain anonymous, said: ‘We are children, we don’t need to be locked up.

‘It shows an extreme lack of trust, which is understandable as we are kids, but the level they are going at is getting out of control.

‘We understand why it was put in place to stop vaping and because of safeguarding issues.

‘But if you want to stop that then put smoke detectors closer and use thermal cameras like other schools are.

‘I understand there is a duty of care but what I don’t understand is why they’re going to this level.’

A spokesperson for Castle View said: ‘Pupils are able to access all toilets before school, break times, lunch times, and after school.

‘If a pupil requires access to the toilet during lesson time, they simply request a pass from their teacher and are allowed access. 

‘This requirement does not apply to pupils with any specific or additional medical needs.’

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