Semi-truck hauling potatoes catches fire on U.S. 285 in Lakewood.

A semi-truck hauling potatoes caught on fire Friday night, spilling spuds onto U.S. 285, according to Lakewood police. No one was injured in the accident.

The accident happened on the highway near Simms Street and West Metro Fire Rescue responded along with police.

“The driver saw smoke behind him, pulled over and then the truck burst into flames,” WMFR said.

The truck was destroyed in the fire, caused by a fuel tank rupture, according to the fire department. A HazMat team contained volatile materials from the fire and incident, thousands of potatoes were lost and temporarily swept to the side of the roadway.

A nearby resident, Susie Cassel Sertic, who lives in Morrison, told police she heard “three booms and looked out to see a large plume of smoke.”

Sertic, like dozens of other people, commented about the accident on social media. Many said they were relieved that no injuries were involved. Many cracked potato jokes.

Donna Farris Bellamy, on Facebook, said: “Fire + potatoes = baked potatoes? Anyone have butter and sour cream?”


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