Sickening moment man throws dog off bridge before smiling for the camera

Police are hunting a man who was filmed hurling a dog off a bridge in a vile video going viral online.

The video shows the man picking up the pooch and, without a moment's hesitation, throwing him over the side of the bridge.

It crashes into the water with a huge splash before the camera turns back to the man, who simply smiles.

The abhorrent video was filmed in the central Indian city of Bhopal.

After the clip went viral, police launched an investigation and have since identified the suspect as 29-year-old Salman Khan.

According to the Hindustan Times, Khan is now on the run.

It is not clear whether the dog was dead or alive or who took the video.

Tarun Rathi, in charge of the police station that booked Mr Khan, said: “The date when the accused indulged in the crime is yet to be known.

“However, when a police team questioned his friends they said it was a very old video as far as they had knowledge about it.

“However, police couldn’t know immediately if the dog was dead or alive and who shot the act in the video.”

The video has unsurprisingly sparked outrage online, with viewers calling for the man to be brought to justice.

It comes just days after a laughing yob was filmed waterboarding a poor dog.

The clip was alleged to have been filmed in Shreveport, Louisiana, US.

One of the young men involved later boasted on Instagram that the sickening animal abuse was making them “famous”.

Meanwhile, another dog was recently filmed tied to a motorbike and dragged along a road.

The poor creature was not seen moving in the clip, which went viral on social media, but it was not known confirmed whether it was dead at the time.

The suspect was reportedly dragging the pooch between the towns of Aguazul and Capiagua in Colombia.

Police have since confirmed they have opened an investigation into the matter, according to local newspaper Extra.

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