Sicko beat puppy with log after it drank disinfectant ‘to put it out of misery’

A sicko admitted to beating a puppy to death with a log after claiming the dog accidentally drank disinfectant, it has been reported.

John Michael Wimmer, 25, admitted to battering the puppy to death outside a school when school time ended.

He said he had killed the pup "to put it out of its misery" as it had accidentally drank Lysol disinfectant, a court heard in a hearing in Princeton, West Virginia,

The puppy, named Athena, was owned by his cousin Justin Mitchelson, 31, who is also allegedly involved in the killing.

However, Mitchelson is yet to enter a plea, reports the Metro.

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Police were called to the scene after horrified parents went to collect her child, and saw Wimmer placing Athena on a stump and battering it with a log, it has been claimed.

Wimmer said he hit the eight-week-old puppy three times – however the disgusted mum who says she witnessed the incident believes it was more than that.

Cops found Athena's bludgeoned body on the floor as school children and parents were left astonished.

However, according to a necropsy, the puppy did not have signs of Lysol in the system, and had no signs of poisoning.

Athena was suffering from treatable conditions such as ringworm and pneumonia, said a veterinarian.

On September 25, Wimmer is due to be sentenced.

He faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted of killing Athena.

In a separate incident, last week a six-month-old puppy died after it was sexually abused in a sickening attack that left the pup with injuries too severe for medics to save his life.

The dog, named Weichafe, was discovered Saturday, August 22 in the Azapa valley in Arica in Chile, South America.

He had suffered a horrific sexual attack, that had left the pup with rectal lacerations and wounds at the base of his tail.

Residents found the dog in the street and transferred him to Limari Veterinary Hospital, where Dr Claudia Concha gave him anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics and other painkillers.

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