Sideswipe: Don’t Moove

Glitch in the matrix stuff

“I dropped my phone in the kitchen and I looked to grab it off of the floor but it wasn’t there. I heard it hit the floor but I couldn’t find it. It was in the middle of the room too, there was no way it could’ve gone more than a metre away from me. I checked under everything and went through the entire house looking for it but it was gone. I had my mum call my phone and it said that my line was disconnected. I checked the Find My iPhone app and it said it couldn’t find my phone because it couldn’t find a signal. That was four years ago, and we still haven’t found it. It’s like it hit the ground and immediately disappeared afterwards.”

Facts that make you uncomfortable

1. Demodex folliculorum aka “eyelash mites”. Not only do they have intercourse on your face, but the females also lay their eggs inside hair follicles.

2. Humans have whiskers like cats and dogs. During evolution, they reshaped and migrated inside our nostrils.

3. Due to our cognitive biases it’s nearly impossible to convince anyone they’re wrong about their core beliefs, even with facts and evidence.

4. Fingerprints are formed from touching the inside of an uterus millions of times. We leave uterus prints everywhere. Every day.

5. When you look out of an aeroplane window at the engines the gases going through them are hotter than the melting point of the metals from which they are made.

6. Your nose is always in your field of vision, even though your brain chooses not to “see” it.

7. Working at a mortuary, going in at 7am and a few times smelled the air and thought to myself, “who is barbecuing at this time? Mmmm mmm”.Yeah, nope!!! Smelled good!

8. If Back to The Future was made this year, he’d be going back to 1991, everyone could be listening to Nirvana, and the classic oldie Marty McFly could play on the guitar that “I guess you guys aren’t ready for” could be Wannabe by The Spice Girls. (Via IFLScience

No cat-astrophe

A police bomb squad responding to a suspicious package call at an Ohio church made an unexpected discovery: six newborn kittens and their mother inside a duffel bag. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office says its bomb squad was called to a church in New Miami on Thursday. When the responding officers heard purring instead of ticking coming from the black bag, they used their X-ray equipment to view what was inside. The day-old kittens and their mother were found along with a note stating they had been born on Wednesday. “Mom’s name is Sprinkles,” the note also read. “She began giving birth at 2pm.”

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