Son accused of killing his mum after her body is found covered in stab wounds

A 23-year-old man has been charged with killing his mother after her body was found outside their home.

Juanita Koilpillai, 58, a prominent cyber-security executive, was found dead outside her Maryland home in the US last Sunday (25 July) after her boyfriend reported her missing when he found blood inside the property.

Her body was found hidden outside the house with multiple sharp force injuries, the Baltimore Sun reports.

The victim's car was also found to be missing and was later found in Leesburg, Virginia, where she had another home and where her ex-husband lives.

It was there that police found her son Andrew Weylin Beavers, who also lived at the 6300 block of Genoa Road.

Juanita's car was secured and brought back to Anne Arundel County to be searched for evidence.

When Juanita's son was interviewed by Anne Arundel County police, he could not give them an explanation about why he had a fresh cut on his right hand.

When a forensic analysis was carried out, both Beavers' and his mother's DNA was found on the same knife.

Police then officially identified him as a suspect and arrested him in Leesburg, Virginia on Saturday (July 31). He is set to be extradited to Maryland where he will face trial for first and second-degree murder.

The victim grew up in both India and Sri Lanka and was responsible for creating several cyber-security startups, including Resiliant, which focuses on stopping ransomware attacks.

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According to her friends, she had only recently moved from Virginia to Anne Arundel County to be closer to the bay there.

She also mentored young people, particularly women, in business and cyber-security work and worked closed with the US government on several initiatives.

According to the website, Koilpillai was the President of The Digital Risk Management Institute.

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