Squirrel gets drunk after eating fermented pears

Hilarious footage shows a squirrel getting a little tipsy after accidentally eating some fermented pears.

The video, taken in a garden in Minnesota in the US on Friday, shows the drunk animal standing on a miniature picnic table.

The squirrel was filmed eating corn and seeds when it suddenly gets a dazed look in its eyes.

It then starts to lean oddly to side, completely stupefied, and only snaps back to reality when it realises it is starting to fall off the table.

It uses the edge of the bowl to catch its balance, but begins to drift backwards again in its dizzy spell.

Kathleen Morlok told MailOnline the unexpected episode began when she decided to clean out her refrigerator on Friday.

‘I found a very old bag of pears in the bottom. Instead of throwing them away, I threw two onto our deck for Hamlet, our pet pig,’ she said.

Kathleen said the weather was cold that day and Hamlet only ate one before going back inside.

‘I did not realise he left one under the table outside until I saw the little red squirrel happily grab the whole thing and run away with it into the trees,’ she said. 

Seeing as he enjoyed it, Kathleen decided to put the rest of the old pears outside for the daily visitor.

But when the squirrel returned later that day, Kathleen said it ‘seemed very off.’  

‘He kept leaning back while eating. That is when it occurred to me that the pears must have fermented in the bottom of the fridge,’ she added.  

Fermentation is the process where food starts to go off and converts glucose, fructose and sucrose into alcohol.

Kathleen said: ‘Poor little guy. I threw away the rest of the pears and the food you see him eating in the bowl is seeds and corn.

‘I was so worried about him all night!’

But she said the squirrel arrived outside the home the next morning for a ‘hangover breakfast’.

‘He is back to his normal self and is back at the feeder daily,’ Kathleen said.

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