‘Stubborn’ William and Harry blasted for ‘failing’ Queen with ‘too late’ reunion

Stubborn Princes William and Harry 'failed' the Queen with their delayed reconciliation, according to Australian journalist, Ben Fordham.

His comments came after the pair put bitter tensions aside to make a rare public appearance alongside wives Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle on Saturday.

However, Fordham expressed bitter disappointment as it came too late for their grandmother, who had hoped to see the brothers reconcile.

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He says he believes the princes have no choice but to repair their fractured relationship, but fear things could get worse before they get better, and tore into their behaviour up to this point.

"If you think you've seen some dramas in the past few years – get ready," he said.

"With the Queen no longer around, the war between William and Harry is sadly going to get worse, unless this tragedy serves as a wake-up call."

Fordham said it was a great shame that it took their grandmother's death for the 'stubborn' princes to put their differences aside and blasted them for not doing it sooner.

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"Why not before, it was too late boys, way too late,' Fordham fumed.

"You've spent years fighting. You both had a responsibility to your grandmother to end it and you didn't.

"She wanted the two of you to find your peace and you didn't.

"It was only after she died that the two of you got together."

Fordham added their father King Charles III had let them down for failing to intervene by ordering his sons to settle their feud for their grandmother's sake.

He also believes the princes may not reconcile while Harry remains married to Meghan as he slammed her involvement in her husband's estrangement from the royal family in recent years.

"I don't mean to single out one individual but let's face it, Meghan has made it her mission to undermine the monarchy and seek revenge on members of the royal family," he continued.

"And Harry isn't an innocent bystander because he's at times led the attack and coordinated the campaign."

He pleaded with both William and Harry to agree to disagree and says they don't have a choice but to repair their fractured relationship.

"Without the Queen, the royal family loses its solid foundations and further cracks will only do more damage,' Fordham concluded.

"The young royals are the future of The Firm so a lot of it rests on the shoulders of William and Harry. They need to rebuild and repair and reset the relationship.

"They need to focus on what reunites them, not what divides them. And for that, all they need to do is look at their grandmother."


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