Teacher accused of having sex with boy, 14, at park ‘spotted on CCTV en-route’

A teacher accused of driving a schoolboy, 14, to a park where they had sex has been caught on CCTV in her car en-route to where the alleged illicit encounter happened, a court has heard.

Monica Elizabeth Young, 23, who is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child, was accused of having intercourse with the pupil in the car at a Sydney park in Australia.

Investigators have since obtained CCTV footage which is understood to show Ms Young’s car approaching the park, according to information brought before the court.

Crucially, the video does not reveal what happened inside the car and Ms Young, who was released from prison on Friday, has strongly denied she sexually assaulted the alleged victim, New South Wales Supreme Court heard.

According to The Daily Mail, the police also allege in court documents that on another occasion, the schoolboy put his hand inside Ms Young’s tights while they were in class.

The teacher is also accused of having incited the boy to touch her by putting his hand on her thigh.

Officers believe the incident could have been seen by another pupil and described him as being a “potential witness”.

It was heard in court the alleged victim declined to provide police with a statement and has kept a lawyer to represent him.

At the hearing, Ms Young’s lawyer Ian Lloyd QC told the court prosecutors had “exaggerated” when they claimed there was CCTV that showed the teacher had placed the boy’s hand on her leg.

Referring to the police fact sheet, Mr Lloyd said: “The victim says she placed his hand on her leg.

“It then said this was captured by CCTV which shows the victim’s arm outstretched, his hand hidden under the table.

“That’s the true statement of what the CCTV shows. It does not show any sexual assault.”

  • Teacher ‘had sex with schoolboy’ and ‘sent him nude photos of herself’

The defending lawyer said a Snapchat she sent the boy of herself lying in bed where she said “I’m waiting for him” did not show any sexual activity.

He added that Ms Young was fully dressed at the time.

Mr Lloyd then told the judge Ms Young had a reason to have the tube of lubricant the boy had asked his friend to buy him.

He added: “My strong instructions are the complaint was with the other boys and there was some giggling going on.

"And she saw him with the tube of lubricant and confiscated from him… you may well think that’s appropriate to do.”

Ms Young has been charged with aggravated sexual assault with a child aged between 14 and 16.

She has strongly denied the allegations made against her.

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