Teenager left in agony during nine-hour wait for ambulance after fall from horse

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A teenage girl was subjected to a nine-hour wait in agonising pain for an ambulance in South Wales after falling off a horse.

Amy Wells, 16, lay on the riding centre floor draped in an emergency blanket while she experienced severe pain on the left side of her back.

The incident took place at Coleg Gwent's Equestrian Centre in Usk, Caldicot at 10am on Wednesday, September 8.

Amy's mum Helen Knowles rushed to the scene when she heard the news.

She told WalesOnline: "I said to them I was on my way so my husband Andy and I made our way there to find her on the floor of the arena.

"The arena had only been watered the night before because you have to do that for the horses' joints.

"From what I can gather the horse just got a bit of excited and took off and she 'came out the side door' as she'd say.

"She's not new to that, she's come off quite a few times, but she just couldn't save the fall.

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"Amy is such a capable rider that I knew if she doesn't get back up she's hurt. I knew I had to get to my daughter quick."

Despite phoning the emergency services repeatedly Helen and friends at the centre couldn't get an update on when an ambulance was coming – or if one was even on its way.

Helen added: "It was absolutely awful.

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"My husband was that desperate that he went down onto the main road. There were ambulances and police cars passing and he was ready to jump out in front of somebody just to get her help.

"He was just desperate – he knew how much pain she was in.

"It was very heart-wrenching. I was numb. I just can't describe the heartache of seeing your child in that position."

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Eventually at 7pm an ambulance finally arrived.

Knowles said the paramedics were "amazing" and even "shocked" themselves it had taken so long for someone to arrive.

Though Amy is now recovering well and won't need surgery, she'll need to spend four months away from horse-riding.

Helen added: "Amy's got quite a big sense of humour and that's what'll get her through it I think.

"It hasn't put her off."

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