Teens stuck on fairground ride ’40ft in the air’ for two hours after cable snaps

Two horrified teens were left suspended 30 to 40ft in the air for over two hours after a cable snapped on a fairground ride.

Osceola County Fair in Florida was forced to shut down and call the Fire Department on Thursday March 25 after a cable snapped on one of its most popular rides.

The Old Town Slingshot ride down while two teens were suspended 30 to 40ft in mid-air.

It is understood a non-load bearing cable snapped shortly after the ride began, leaving the teens stranded in a sideway position.

Osceola County Fire and Rescue and the Kissimmee Fire Department were both on call at the scene.

Despite the large emergency response, it took over two hours to free the teens, who later declined medical treatment.

In a post, Osceola County Fire and Rescue shared images of the broken ride, and said: "Osceola Tower 72 and City of Kissimmee Fire Department Tower 11 worked together tonight to perform a successful high angle rescue of two teens who became stuck, suspended 30-40' in the air on a malfunctioning ride at Old Town, along West U.S. 192 in Kissimmee.

"Thankfully, no one was injured in the incident."

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The Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services said it would be conducting an investigation into the incident.

It also closed down the four other Slingshot rides currently in operation across the state.

Closures will allow the manufacturer to conduct a necessary inspection of all of its rides safely.

The attraction was last inspected by the FDAC on March 19, 2021, at which time no issues were identified, the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services told FOX.

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John Stine, the director of marketing and sales for Old Town Slingshot, said the company already does daily inspections of the rides and they are inspected by the state twice a year.

Mr Stine said the ride in question was "fully inspected" and was "good to go."

He told WKMG-TV: "We do not open a ride until it's fully inspected and it was fully inspected and it was good to go."

The attraction was first permitted to run within the state in November 2001.

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