Terrifying report suggests USA and NATO would use nukes on Putin if he did first

A report from the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has suggested that the USA and NATO would not hesitate to use tactical nuclear bombs on Russian bases in Ukraine – providing Putin did first.

The report claims that if Putin was to resort to nukes to change the trajectory of his faltering invasion of Ukraine, the allies would have four options to strike back.

These would be to use a nuclear weapon or weapons against Russian forces, in or outside Ukraine, conduct a conventional military attack on Russian forces, continue to supply Ukraine with weapons or to press Ukraine to end the conflict.

Of these options, the most terrifying is undoubted that NATO would use nuclear bombs itself, opening the world up to nuclear armageddon.

The report suggests that if Putin was to use a nuclear weapon in Ukraine it would be a tactical bomb designed to "target military units to change the operational situation on the ground".

If this was the case, the report argues NATO would be pushed to respond "in-kind".

It states: "To truly be 'in-kind' in this scenario, the US and NATO would need to strike Russian targets in Ukraine—or otherwise significantly change the nature of the conflict by striking a target in Russia.

"There may be Russian military targets in Ukraine for which a low-yield nuclear strike would produce limited casualties. But to have a significant military impact, NATO would likely have to use multiple strikes.

"However, the potential for lasting impacts and the optic of two nuclear powers carrying out nuclear exchanges on the territory of a non-nuclear state would be politically infeasible.

"So, it’s probably safe to exclude a Western response in kind, in Ukraine, using tactical nuclear weapons."

Terrifyingly, it states that should NATO instead use nukes in Russia the conflict would spin out of control "turning the conflict into a Russia versus the United States and NATO war that has skipped all the conventional options for escalation management".

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Luckily though Putin has previously hinted that he's scared of using his own nuclear weapons.

Speaking in 2018, Putin said: "The danger of the situation is being downplayed. It now seems to be impossible, something without crucial importance, but at the same time if something like this would happen this would lead to the collapse of the entire civilization and maybe our planet.

“Unfortunately, we have this trend to underestimate the current situation. There are dangers, there are risks in our day-to-day lives.

“What are those risks? First and foremost, the collapse of the international system of arms control, of moving away from an arms race.”

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