There's no shortage of HP sauce, salad cream and Lynx in these fresh food aisles

Almost industrial quantities of everyday items have appeared in unexpected places in supermarkets as they turn to creative ways to plug gaps on shelves.

Britain’s dearth of lorry drivers led to Waitrose offering salaries upward of £50,000 in a recruitment tempter.

The consequences have been seen across the country, with bare shelves an increasingly common sight and one in six shoppers saying they have been unable to find the vital products they need.

While many supermarkets are struggling to get sufficient stock delivered, other items are in far from short supply.

Bemused customers spotted a huge display of sunflower oil at the end of a frozen food aisle at Tesco Extra in Cardiff.

Fruit and vegetables buckets offered large grab bags of Quality Street, Celebrations and Heroes chocolates at Co-op.

The retailer placed salad cream and HP Sauce in chillers, while a Tesco in Pontypridd, South Wales, put a wall of tomatoes in place of the usual salad items.

In Gloucester, Asda filled an enormous row of shelves exclusively with Lynx Africa deodorant, MailOnline reports.

Sainsbury’s, meanwhile, was caught filling a patisserie aisle with bottle drinks in Bristol.

Retailers and suppliers have been struggling to meet demand because thousands of European drivers have left the country.

A combination of Brexit changes and an exodus of HGV drivers returning home post-lockdown have left the industry severely short of manpower.

A new survey found a quarter of people are concerned that items they may want to buy on Black Friday could be out of stock due to transport problems.

Comparison website PriceRunner said its analysis found that some prices have already started to rise ahead of the annual discount shopping event.

It predicted that some retailers may avoid lowering prices on some popular products ‘that are hard to get on shelves, in order to not run out of stock completely and disappoint consumers’.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said that, despite supply chain issues, there will be a ‘good amount of Christmas presents available’ this year.

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