Tom Brady is not the GOAT; Peyton Manning is, according to one metric

After winning his seventh Super Bowl and first with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, many were ready to declare Tom Brady as the NFL’s GOAT. While winning Super Bowl LV’s MVP at age 43 in his first season outside of New England was impressive, one metric says not-so-fast when it comes to the greatest of all-time talk. A Pro Football Reference-created measurement doesn’t even have Brady as the best quarterback of all-time.

The Hall of Fame Monitor uses approximate value, Pro Bowls, All-Pros, championships and other statistical milestones to determine a player’s chances of reaching the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. While it doesn’t necessarily judge who is the best quarterback of all-time, it does weigh Super Bowl wins, meaning Brady gets a massive boost to his number.

Still, Brady’s Hall of Fame Monitor number trails Peyton Manning’s.

Manning has the highest mark with 258 points. Brady is No. 2 with 250.94 points, followed by Brett Favre (178.84 points), Aaron Rodgers (163.72 points), Johnny Unitas (169.34 points), Joe Montana (153.45 points), Drew Brees (140.5 points), John Elway (137.78 points), Fran Tarkenton (117.28 points), and Dan Marino (116.85 points).

Brady is no doubt headed to Canton one day, but he still can add on to his point total. In the 43-year-old’s upcoming 22nd season, he may pass Manning in this metric.

Brady already topped Manning in career passing yards and touchdowns. Drew Brees has passed the former Bronco in these two stats as well.

Brady has been to the Super Bowl 10 times, Manning four and Brees once. Manning is 2-2 in his efforts to capture the Lombardi Trophy with one of his big game losses being Brees’ only championship. The former Broncos quarterback capped his Hall-of-Fame career by winning Super Bowl 50.

  1. Peyton Manning — 258 points
  2. Tom Brady — 250.94 points
  3. Brett Favre — 178.84 points
  4. Aaron Rodgers — 163.72 points
  5. Johnny Unitas — 160.34 points
  6. Joe Montana — 153.45 points
  7. Drew Brees — 140.5 points
  8. John Elway — 137.78 points

Average point tally for HOF quarterbacks: 104

Notable current players: Matt Ryan (97.43 points), Ben Roethlisberger (95.38 points), Russell Wilson (74.20 points)

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