Tourists pulling ‘cringey’ toy huskies on sledge at theme park sparks debate

Dog lovers have slammed a theme park for its "cruel treatment of animals" after mistaking toy huskies as real dogs in a sledge ride.

Mobile phone footage taken by a tourist at International Flower Port Park in Beijing, China, shows a family pulling two very realistic toy huskies with a rope as they sit on a snow sledge behind.

The stuffed animals are seen bobbing their heads up and down when they pull the rope.

Many viewers thought they were real dogs and blasted over the poor handling of animals.

One said: "Why do they have to do this to the dogs? They are not born to pull sledges!"

Another wrote: "This is too cruel to the huskies. Do they know the dogs are suffering?"

But others were quick to point out that those were toy huskies, rather than real animals.

An eagle-eyed viewer explained: "The sledge is run by engines on the sledge. Do you see that the dogs are not even touching the ground?

"They are not moving at all. It's not real dogs."

The park-goer also clarified that the huskies are stuffed toys and uploaded another clip showing a worker re-starting the engine on the sledge.

She wrote: "They are not real dogs. The rides are basically electric scooters and those are stuffed toys."

"I like this idea," one praised. "This can stop people from abusing huskies in this business."

A second agreed, adding: "This is much better than real huskies, but a bit cringy. They look so real in appearance!"

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