Ukrainian army advances on 15,000 stranded Russian troops forced to surrender

Around 15,000 Russian soldiers “appear stranded” and are likely to “be forced into a surrender” because they have no means of crossing into safe territory, a military expert says.

Former British Army and NATO officer Ed Arnold warned tyrant Vladimir Putin that his mass of fighters have “no good options” and are stranded in the south without a clear way to get back to safety on the eastern side of the Dnipro river.

Brave Ukrainian forces have unleashed multiple rapid counter-attacks aimed at driving their invaders away from the country and have re-seized a notable amount of land.

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Russian commanders have faced criticism internally over their handling of the crisis, with top officials fighting each other amid allegations of nepotism.

Arnold told Sky News: “The issue that the Russians have is that when militaries have to withdraw under this type of pressure, they need good commanders to rally, which they do not have.

“And also the ground has no natural barriers to reset their front lines as it were. So, Ukraine is really trying to push and there are no good options for the Russians…

“Ultimately, they need to move to the east of the river – I mean, it is roughly 15,000 Russian soldiers that are on the western side – and that is going to be a real issue.

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“It is likely that they are going to be forced into a surrender to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.”

Fighters taking on Putin have already liberated the towns of Novovoskresenske, Novohryhorivka and Petropavlivka and their swift advance is pushing further into regions that were recently annexed by the dictator.

But deluded Kremlin officials have refused to admit that the move is a retreat and instead insisted that they are “re-grouping” to save soldiers’ lives.

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