Walmart manager who went on shooting spree was ‘hunting for specific people’

A gunman who opened fire in a Walmart store killing six of his colleagues appeared to be on the hunt for specific victims, according to one eyewitness.

Manager Andre Bing, 31, is thought to have planned Tuesday’s outrage in the United States after it was reported that he had a “kill list”.

The colleagues murdered by Bing in Virginia included 16-year-old Fernando Jesus Chavez, who was in his first part-time job. Another victim was Tyneka Johnson, 22, who was circled on the killer’s list, which the Daily Mail said was found dumped in a bin near his home.

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Other names on the list found after the shooting included Jalon Jones and Blake Williams, 23, who are in hospital.

Bing killed himself following his murderous spree.

It’s believed there were 18 names circled on the list, which was thrown away alongside CCTV screenshots dating back to last month. It included details about Bing’s colleagues’ shifts and break times.

The development comes as one of the survivors, who was also on the list, gave her account of the horror at the Chesapeake store.

Jessica Wilczewski had been working at the Walmart for less than a week and is one of four who are still in hospital after being shot during the rampage.

She said she and her colleagues were in a staff room having a break when the killer stormed in and opened fire with a handgun – apparently looking for certain people.

“The way he was acting – he was going hunting,” she told the Associated Press.

“The way he was looking at people’s faces and the way he did what he did, he was picking people out.

“What I do know is that he made sure who he wanted dead, was dead. He went back and shot dead bodies that were already dead. To make sure.”

Although Jessica said she didn’t know Bing, he seemed to know who she was.

She said that when Bing saw her hiding under a table, he told her “Jessie, go home”, and let her leave.

Those killed in the mass shooting were Brian Pendleton, 38; Kellie Pyle, 52; Lorenzo Gamble, 43; Randy Blevins, 70; and Fernando and Tyneka Johnson.


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