Woman claims KFC served her ‘cheeky bit of salmonella’ with ‘raw wing’

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A Welsh woman sarcastically thanked KFC staff for giving her a “cheeky bit of salmonella” after she claimed they served her raw chicken.

Ellie Fry, from Maesteg in Wales, was left disgusted by her visit to the Bridgend branch on the Hernston Business Park on September 20.

She told the Daily Star that she was about to eat a piece of a chicken wing when she pulled a piece off to reveal supposedly uncooked chicken lurking beneath the crispy coating.

“I was disgusted when I saw it because I always eat from there and it was my first bad experience and it has put me off for life,” said the 19-year-old Tesco customer assistant.

“I didn’t eat any of the chicken because luckily I had a gut instinct to pull it apart before eating the chicken.”

Ellie took the chicken back to the branch where she was originally told “there was nothing wrong with it” and they said it was the marinate.

She was told the incident was strange because there are times on how long the chickens are cooked.

“The customer service was awful,” said Ellie.

“They first of all told me there was nothing wrong with it. I went back to the branch to inform the manager and they had me waiting 20 minutes to see the manager for him not to even come and speak to me.

"They then sent me to the ‘trainee manager’ and he told me it was the marinate.

“I then said to him to look at the chicken and see it was raw, he said ‘it’s weird because there are timers on how the chickens are cooked’.

"He saw that it was raw and asked me what he wanted me to do. He didn’t really seem bothered by the situation and just gave me a refund. I felt that it was very poor customer service.”

Ellie was disappointed by the response from the branch and took to social media to warn others of her experience.

She claimed that another member of staff who saw the chicken told her she was “lucky” she had spotted it or she would have been “very ill”.

Ellie added: “They served me raw chicken and then didn't seem bothered that I went back in to tell them that I was unhappy.

"I was lucky I didn’t eat it because one of the members of staff even said I would’ve been very ill if I had.

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"No one has contacted me since, this is the reason why I went to social media to warn people because they didn’t seem bothered about the situation.”

KFC has been contacted for comment regarding the incident.

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