Woman slammed to ground by police officer after rowdy incident in Liverpool

A woman was thrown to the ground by a police officer after a chaotic incident in Liverpool city centre, as shown in a shocking video.

Footage shared with the ECHO shows a heated row between two groups of people on Victoria Street, at around 4am on Sunday (March 20).

In the clip, two men are being separated by a group of five Merseyside Police officers and a blonde woman wearing a blue top is being restrained.

One man in a light grey t-shirt is dragged towards the road while a man in a black t-shirt is pulled towards the buildings along the street.

Seconds later, a blonde woman is freed from her attacker's grasp and is then grabbed by a male officer.

The woman is dragged across the police officer's outstretched leg, causing her to lose balance and slam onto the pavement, rolling slightly after falling on the ground.

She remains lying on the floor and the male officer and a female colleague stand over her.

The footage ends just a second later so it's not known how the situation resolved.

It is not clear what started the incident or why police were called to the scene, and it is not known whether the woman was injured during the fall.

Daily Star has contacted Merseyside Police for comment.

An unrelated fight was recorded outside a McDonald's in Liverpool last October and witnesses tried to break it up.

The footage shows a man crash to the floor next to a blue bin, only to be surrounded by two other men.

One of the men, dressed in a black coat and shorts, screams at him "f****** come on then" and appears to shove him.

A woman in a red coat tried to split up the fight, shouting: "Stop it, enough".

Someone else calls out "grow up" towards the fighting men.

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