WWD Report Card: Dressing for Imaginary Worlds

Breaking down the fantastical looks from the AMAs.

Laverne Cox ABC/Courtesy Photo

What’s not to love about this goddess-meets-disco-dive-meets-Olympic-gymnast look? Laverne gives us everything we need right now: major glamour, seduction and good vibes.

The Weeknd ABC/Courtesy Photo

There’s something about this that makes us nervous and stressed — and we don’t need any help in that department these days. Although we respect a binge session of “Botched,” we don’t need to see it on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez ABC/Courtesy Photo

Jennifer Lopez cannot go wrong — and this look is very on-brand for her. Really more of a costume than a fashion moment, she’s giving us sexy ice queen vibes with a touch of retro galactic princess. We obviously bow to her.

Dua Lipa ABC/Courtesy Photo

This looks better on her than it did on the runway — and that’s not easy. This underwater odyssey cocktail dress is the perfect playful choice for now. The blue eye shadow and pulled-back wavy hair celebrate the retro era and enhance Dua Lipa’s path to fashion stardom.

Machine Gun Kelly ABC/Courtesy Photo

Here’s the thing: a white deep V-neck top with shoulder pads paired with white silk harem pants and silver Doc Marten-style boots seems like an impossible task, and yet here we are, swooning for this look. When you add the statement tatts and the classy pearl necklace, we die.

Doja Cat ABC/Courtesy Photo

“Mad Max?” Please take us there. There is nothing new about the apocalyptic bikini on the way to the winter chalet, but Doja’s free-spirited spin takes us to an imaginary world that we are dying to be part of.

Maluma ABC/Courtesy Photo

In the past we were all about reinventing the classic pin-striped banker. But right now, we live for fantasy fashion and the idea of reconciling your checkbook is the last thing we want to do. We’re missing the bright colors and bold choices that he usually opts for.

Justin Bieber ABC/Courtesy Photo

Paging Avril Lavigne: Bieber stole her look. It’s not that we don’t love a skater boy — and the orange beanie is giving it a cute preppy spin — but this look, on him, feels five minutes late.

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