WWEs Samoa Joe comments on brutal gentlemens agreement with Brock Lesnar

Samoa Joe has joked he has a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ with Brock Lesnar – to smash each other in the face!

Joe is currently in the midst of a triumphant return to the ring after the better part of two years away from active competition.

It brings full circle a bizarre period for the 42-year-old, who is firmly back in the WWE fold after being let go by the company earlier this year.

He won the NXT Championship last weekend in a cracker of a match with Karrion Kross to become the first three-time NXT champion.

In some ways that mirrors Lesnar, after the multi-time former WWE Champion also returned to WWE after well over 12 months away.

The Beast made a dramatic comeback at the end of SummerSlam to confront Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The two remain far apart in WWE just now and, as top stars on NXT and SmackDown respectively, are unlikely to clash any time soon.

It remains, however, one of many dream matches for WWE fans, with plenty remembering very fondly the time the two powerhouses last collided.

They enjoyed a brief feud in 2017 with Joe challenging Lesnar for the Universal Championship at the Great Ball of Fire pay-per-view event.

Lesnar came out on top that night, but Joe was able to do what many before him – or after – had managed in getting in some blows on the usually invincible Brock.

His persona was so well guarded that it was rare to see him sustain punishment during a match at that time.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Joe recalled his battles with Lesnar and revealed just how intense the former UFC star like his wrestling matches to be.

He explained: "I think it really comes down to the simple fact that, when Brock shows up for fight night, he wants to be in a scrap.

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"He wants to go out there and he wants someone who is going to smash someone in the face, and he wants to smash somebody back!

"Brock knew he had that with me – he understood, and I understood I had to have that with Brock

"It's an attitude. He wants people to go in there and go after him. It is all of those things.”

While their meetings in the ring have always been disappointingly brief, there is no doubt the two had some real chemistry between the ropes.

Joe went on to add: "I think that was the simplistic but major reason that we click the way we do; we step in the ring and we're stepping in there for chaos and destruction to happen, and nothing less than that.

"I guess it's some weird, unspoken gentlemen's agreement we have!”

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